Research overview

High-order methods

Theoretical studies and numerical experiments suggest that high-order methods for unstructured grids can solve hitherto intractable fluid flow problems in the vicinity of complex geometrical configurations. In the Witherden Research Group we perform numerical analysis of new and novel schemes within the flux reconstruction and discontinuous Galerkin frameworks. Active areas of research include:

  • Basis enrichment.
  • Implicit and semi-implicit time marching.
  • Overset grids.

High performance computing

In the Witherden Research Group we are interested in techniques and approaches for enabling scientists and engineers to effectively leverage the compute capabilities of modern hardware platforms. Such platforms include multi-core CPUs, GPUs, and clusters thereof. Research topics include:

  • In situ visualisation.
  • Heterogeneous computing.
  • Domain specific languages.
  • Run-time code generation.

Scale resolving simulations

Scale resolving simulations, including large eddy simulation and direct numerical simulation, have the potential to enable first-principle analysis of complex vehicles without the need for expensive wind tunnel testing. In the Witherden Research Group we perform routinely perform such simulations in order to both validate our codes and methods and to elucidate new physics.